Quiet Hours (UK)

A list of supermarkets based in the UK which have dedicated periods of lower background noise levels and similar measures for people with conditions such as autism which can make shopping in these environments extremely challenging to impossible.

I am not endorsed by any entities listed here, nor is this intended to be an exhaustive list of establishments which have quiet hours. All trademarks are present for the purpose of identification of the relevant brands and I do not claim any ownership of them.

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Monday–Thursday, 2–3 PM

Asda in green, capital letters

Source from November 2021

The Entertainer

From store opening for 1 hour

The Entertainer printed in white text, with the word 'the' rotated anticlockwise by 90 degrees to the left of the first E in 'Entertainer'. TheToyShop.com is printed, right-aligned, below the word 'Entertainer'. To the left, there is a jack-in-the-box with a red box with white polka dots, a black inside, and the inside of the lid is plain red. The figure coming out of the box has a horizontally striped red and white pattern on its spring, a white face with a smile, red nose, a black hat resembling a bowler hat, and a red decoration on the bottom half of its face resembling a cartoon depiction of a lion's mane. The figure also has short, black arms and white gloves with four fingers

Source from May 2021


Saturday, 9–10 AM

Morrisons printed in white, with the initial 'M' capitalised and a yellow, grain-like pattern above the 'I'

Source from July 2018

Editor's note: I also confirmed that my local Morrisons has quiet hours at the stated time in September 2023.


Wednesday, 10–11 AM

Selfridges & Co printed in light grey, all capital letters with Selfridges filled in and the rest outlined. The final 'O' is superscript and has a tilde below it

Source from March 2022


Wednesday and Saturday, 9–10 AM

Tesco printed in red, all capital letters with blue lines below each letter. The lines are sloped on either side and flat on the top and bottom

Source from October 2021

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The Entertainer logo sourced from TheToyShop.com, all other logos sourced from English Wikipedia. The Morrisons and Selfridges logos have been modified to fit the colour scheme of the page.